Our Beliefs


We believe that our salvation is made possible through Jesus Christ alone, who took our place on the cross and died for the redemption of our sins. For a full statement of faith and practices...


Our Mission 

Loving God. Making Disciples. 

The Mission Statement for our church is derived from The Great Commandment  (Matthew 22:37-40 - Loving God with all our mind, heart and soul) and The Great Commission  (Matthew 28:19-20 - Go and make disciples of all nations). 


In 1975 a few families from Malaysia began to meet together in the home of one family. Their aim was to minister to the spiritual needs of newly-arrived Chinese migrants and overseas students. Initially the church service was conducted in English, but as the Church grew the need arose for translation into Cantonese and then Mandarin. By 1983 a Chinese Speaking congregation started meeting at the same time as the English Speaking congregation.

In 1985 CCCB registered with the Queensland Government as a Religious Organisation.

For the first 13 years of its existence the Church occupied a number of borrowed or rented premises in a few different suburbs, all within 15 Km from the University of Queensland from where many students joined the Church.

In 1988 the Church purchased an old hall in Auchenflower where it met for 3 years before selling the buildings and purchasing a former Uniting Church building in St Lucia (near the University) where three of our Churches continue to meet (two English speaking, one Mandarin/Cantonese speaking).

In 1993 the Church, desiring to expand its Chinese Speaking work in the south of Brisbane , purchased a former Baptist Church building in Holland Park where our third congregation (Mandarin/Cantonese) started meeting. While they were there a small English Speaking congregation also began meeting.

Then in 1999 the Holland Park congregations moved to larger premises in Rochedale where they continued to meet until May 2004. From there they moved to Sunnybank State High School for two years.

In May of 2006 CCCB signed a contract to purchase a new warehouse building in Coopers Plains which our two south-side Churches now use for meetings.

We have seen much blessing in CCCB over the years with many people growing in God and several committed to full time Christian service.

In 2007 and 2008 we began a restructuring of CCCB in order to recognise and facilitate the growing autonomy of our 4 congregations, and a major corresponding rewrite of our Constitution.  These were approved at a General Meeting in April 2009.

When we did this restructure, we recognised that it would serve us for a few years, but something more robust would be needed for a longer term. Hence in 2013 we again reworked CCCB's structure so that Member Churches under the CCCB umbrella would be able to function autonomously, and this new structure was approved toward the end of that year and implemented at the beginning of 2014. So now, CCCB's 5 Member Churches are individually registered with the Queensland Government as branches of CCCB, and each has its own Constitution and Management Committee. While operating independently, we all share the same desire to grow disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ and to honour His name.

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Pastor Iggy Wong
Lead Pastor

Iggy is married to Li Qing and has four children - Natasha, Nathan, Jordan and Jacob. 

He has recently returned to Brisbane from Sydney after completing his ministry training at Campus Bible Study, UNSW and completing a B.Div at Moore Theological College. 

He loves helping people see just how good Jesus is, laughing at the antics of his kids and following the Houston Rockets.


Pastor Felix Hui
Associate Pastor

Felix is married to Sarah and has two children - Beth and Josh.

He has recently moved up from Sydney after completing his M.Div at Sydney Missionary and Bible College.

He has a particular passion for seeing God's people grasp the richness of the Old Testament, and how its wonderful fulfilment in Christ still has invaluable relevance to us today. He hopes to take advantage of Brisbane's lovely weather to get back into shape, whilst finding creative ways be active together with his kids.

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Peter Chan
MTS Apprentice


Ben Thai


Patrick Lau
Operations Manager


Richard Chee


Ping Mao
Deacon (Church Secretary)


Stephen Lee


Edwin Ho


Ps Mun Seet
Congregational Worker



Ministry Leaders

Matthew Chiang
Youth Fellowship (Uni) 

Ezekiel Ting
Christ in Action (High School)

Debbie Ng
Sunday School

Peter Chai
Audiovisual Ministry


Eric Tham
Music Ministry