We would love for you to call our church, your church.  If you'd like to make CPE Church your home, then we'd love for you to attend our Connect afternoon tea (enquire below about our next one!)  so you hear about what is at our heart as a church. 

Membership is a step we'd like people to consider after three months of attendance.  Have a read about what it means to be a member and then chat to a pastor!  You can organise a meet up through the contact form here. 


1. Protect the unity of our church

By acting in love toward other members
By refusing to gossip
By following the leadersD

2. Share the responsibility of our church

By praying for its growth
By inviting the unchurched to attend
By warmly welcoming those who visit

3. Serve the ministry of our church

By discovering your gifts and talents
By being equipped to serve by our pastor/s
By developing a servant’s heart

4. Support the testimony of our church

By attending faithfully
By living a godly life
By giving regularly
By joining a fellowship group

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